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Graduate of the 104th trainee squad, currently sold my soul to the Scouting Legion. All questions are welcome, Unless you're Eren. Especially Eren.

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The producers talked to Levi before the interview and encouraged him to engage with the interviewer a bit more because his interviews were always so short and direct. Also the tea Petra makes probably helps with his patience too.


walking away from an argument you won like


So just updating you guys.

Right now, it looks like most of saturday i’m gonna be in Apple jack with my group that is doing the Mane 6 from MLP.

Shingeki looks like it’s gonna be predominantly friday and saturday morning. Tsugumi is coming along but i have no idea if i’m gonna even wear her, maybe friday night after being in those dang SNK straps all day.
Daryl won’t be coming along, i have too much to do right now and i have prior commitments.
I will NOT be there at sunday at all because i couldn’t call out of the second shift at work (I work at a church and it’s easter morning, they need me since i’m 1 of 2 workers there. And the other worker is taking the 5:15am shift SOO yeah i gotta be there, sorry.)

Besides that, everything is finalized now.
So if you wanna see me in shingeki, find me friday or early saturday! I’ll be in christa, not fem jean. 


How are my friends going to die? How am I going to die? It’s all I can think about…

Happy Birthday, Jean! 04.07.14


modern au where jean and eren skateboard and wear douchey tank tops


So I did a thing…

it’s 2 am and I found chicken nuggets in my closet someone send help


Now that I think about it…

This way…

Jean DOES look like a HORSE!

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